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Café Lingua is an international conversation program that we organize with the support of the International Office of TU Dresden. German and foreign students meet every monday in a pub in the Neustadt. We practice different languages, enjoy brainteasers, exercises, jokes and of course fantastic prizes for the most committed students.

Do you want to join in?

Participation in Café Lingua is free! Just come to our meeting point, even if you don't speak any of the listed languages - German and English are always spoken. Meeting point is Albertplatz at 20:00 next to the Vodafone-Shop. From there we go to the pub together. If you come later, you can of course join us directly there. We are looking forward to seeing you!


For our regular guests

For this winter semester we added the HORST Vier Vogel Bar ('Horst Four Birds Bar', Rothenburger 43) to our list. The Waldschlösschen will be back in summer, as usual.