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"SocialErasmus" is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which helps students to integrate into their new environment by taking part in social activities so that they are able to discover new aspects of the country they reside in for a semester. We want to provide an insight into the educational system, social problems and their different approaches to find a solution.

Every semester, we are celebrating the Social Erasmus Week for which all sections in Europe organize social projects with their students. And of course we take part, too!

SocialErasmus Week November 2014

Last year, we were started the week with the SocialErasmus party at Countdown where we tried to call attention to our project with self-made fortune cookies, a SocialErasmus photo area and funny games in which students from all over the world came closer together. One day later, our main project took place in the child and youth house Schieferburg where children of every age can spend their freetime with funny and creative activities. We have organized an exciting afternoon with singing, eating cake, and doing some handicrafts. We spent some wonderful hours with the kids! Our last project of the year was a cooperation with the Romain-Rolland-school during the National Reading Day. Spanish and French students chose stories in their mother tongue and read it out for pupils who are learning the language in school. Everybody had much fun during our projects!